BallShare is a one of a kind product designed to service individuals with quality sport balls. The product is a station with compartments for each ball that can be used at anytime by any user. BallShare is available for all types of recreational facilities. 

Using BallShare is simple; just create an account, locate a station and go out and play! *swish*



How it is installed intheir park/gym/center/etc.

BallShare is easily installed into any facility on any surface. It is not a permeant fixture and is removable upon request.

(The station is designed to be drilled into surface, making it durable and safe in all environments. )


Explain how and what we will do to maintain the product for them.

As a company BallShare is responsible for adequately maintaining the station at all present locations. We will provide technical support, ball renewals, and any necessary repair that is subject to the station.



We are responsible for delivering the BallShare station to your facility at your convenience.