Our Story

BallShare is the idea born from the minds of a group of friends with a passion and love for sports. One day while at a community park event they came across the basketball courts and had the urge to play. However, with no ball to use they thought what if...

BallShare (logo? logo font?)

BallShare is an idea we created after we went to a park and realized we didn't have a ball to use, being unable to attain a ball at the moment we thought what if...

As active individuals, that go to parks, gyms, etc. we realized the necessity of sports equipment. Our goal is to promote an all inclusive environment for people of all ages to enjoy the facilities they visit. Our service was created to allow individuals to enjoy sports with the convenience of having the necessary equipment on-hand at all times.


(Quick story about BallShare. How we came up with the idea. How we put everything together.)

Meet The Team


Christopher Perez


Julian Perez


John Power


Ramon Moreno